Austin Chapter Virtual 5K Walkathon

TNF Austin 5K Run/Walk 10K Bike 2020

TNF Austin Chapter is hosting its second 5K Family Run & Walkathon event (virtual edition this time) from October 2-11th, 2020.  Recognizing the pressing need to support local families worst affected by COVID-19, TNF Austin Chapter will contribute 100% of the proceeds from this event to two deserving local Austin charities, Lighter Loads and Hungry Souls that make a big impact in the lives of local homeless communities and families affected by food insecurity. 

TNF Austin 5K Family Run & Walkathon 2020 Details:

Period: October 2-11, 2020 (participants run at their own schedule)

Venue: Virtual (Audience join from YouTube and Facebook Live)


  • Event Kick-off Session (Saturday, October 3rd, 3:00-4:30 PM CT)
    • Introduction to TNF & the charities supported
    • Sponsor Recognition
    • “Time to Prioritize Yourself”, Live Q&A with Dr. Pal Manickam, Physician & Celebrity Speaker
    • 5K Run know-how
  • Felicitation Session (Sunday, October 11th, 6:00-7:30 PM CT)
    • Sponsor Recognition
    • “The role of happiness in times of COVID”, Live session with Dr. Raj Raghunathan, Happiness Expert and Professor, UT Austin
    • Talk by Usha Chandra, TNF USA President
    • Talk by Chris King, CEO of Hungry Souls
    • Talk by Laura & James Ritchie, Founder of Lighter Loads
    • 5K Run Winners from each category announced
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Hungry Souls CEO Chris King

We are an Austin-based organization that partners with local schools to provide weekend and school break meals for students and their families.

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Lighter Loads Founder James RItchie

Our mission is to provide a community where those experiencing homelessness are loved and served through hot food, clean clothes and a shower in a positive, loving atmosphere.
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